Thursday, February 28, 2008

Frontlines: Fuel of Shit

Ya know, people keep telling me that PC gaming is dead outside of World of WarCraft and Peggle and I keep carrying the PC torch, shoving away people who tell me I'm crazy.

But when companies do does not help my cause.

THQ released Frontlines yesterday across various platforms. Being a large scale multiplayer shooter, it's perfect for the PC scene -- especially my beefy new computer that could run NORAD.

Turns out, Frontlines doesn't like Vista. Oh, it SAYS it does. Right there on the box: WINDOWS VISTA.

This is a lie.

The game gives me a "wrong disc" error and just won't budge. Turns out, the gremlins are not just in my machine, either.

Is it even remotely possible that THQ didn't know about this? Is this a SecuROM issue? Crap like this is what turns people off to PC gaming. 360 users are killing each other on the Frontlines as we speak but me --I'm out a freelance commission because my machine that runs XP has NO WAY of running a game like this due to system specs.

It makes a guy want to sit back with a game of Minesweeper. Or CATAN.