Thursday, February 21, 2008

Champions Online! Hoo Hah!

Game announcements come and go and, usually, I skim them with the only thought being, "We'll have to cover this at some point."

But when Cryptic announced that the company was doing a Champions MMO...that got me feeling tingly inside. I loved that game way back in the day; it was one of the very few role-playing Superhero games to actually work, and there was supposed to be a PC game based on it but it died back when there was the Great Superhero Game Curse, before Irrational broke it by releasing Freedom Force.

Then they released screens for the game and now I'm even more excited. The fact that Cryptic is doing it is even better news because City of Heroes/Villians was (is) a very solid MMO, so there's a lot of tight-wearing experience there.

So far this is hands down the best news, for me, to come out of GDC. I mean I'm jazzed about the boogie board thing for the Wii, and that Too Human looks to no longer suck, Fable 2 promising to breast feed grown men while getting a foot massage, and Gears of War 2 being announced which I am SURE will totally make Gears of WAR I obsolete -- but those bombshells have to play second fiddle to a Champions MMO.