Monday, February 25, 2008

A Board Game Update

Lots of games are due out in the next week or so and I'm tasked with reviewing some of them: MLB 2K8, Frontlines, Turning Point, and DoW: Soulstorm -- all PC, of course.

But let's keep it all in perspective -- I gotta have my BG fix and I'm currently knee deep in a very cool strategy game called Mare Nostrum with its Mythology Expansion. Basically it's Greece, Rome, Egypt, Babylon, Carthage, and Atlantis all vying for ancient world domination. It's a cool blend of European and American game design and is a total blast.

Our boardgame columnist, Michael Barnes says this about MN:

When you've played a game 20+ times over 3 years and you realize that you love it MORE than you did the first times you played it, you know it's a classic. MARE NOSTRUM is such a game for me. Unlike most recent "Civ in 90 minutes" games which shall remain unmentioned, Mare Nostrum actually manages to capture the spirit and flow of ancient civilizations while also allowing the player a huge amount of freedom. Mare Nostrum combines the best traits of American-style light wargames with the fluidity and structure of Euro designs and the result is a game that has much of the flavor of Civilization (particularly in the trading and expansion) in a 2-3 hour game.

There is an inherent variability built in to the game where games can be won through shrewd trading, economic dominance, military strength, or smart diplomacy and the possibilities make for an interesting game every time. It will appeal to folks who love Advanced Civ but also to people who like Settlers. A real, bona fide masterpiece. Do not hesitate to purchase the Mythology expansion- it's essential!

He's right.

I also ordered the new Railroad Tycoon Europe expansion. Todd -- take note.