Monday, February 4, 2008

Two Reasons I'm Not So Smart

1. I hosted a Super Bowl party (with much drinking) without getting out of going into work today. Who the f#@ decided having the Super Bowl on a Sunday night was a good idea?

2. I had an 8am dentist appointment scheduled for this morning to boot. Not cool. That bright overhead light on the dentist chair may as well be the equivalent of looking straight at the center of the sun when you're as hungover as I was this morning. (Good news: no cavities!)

There's an episode of The West Wing where we see Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman hungover in his office after a bachelor party. He's in a bad way to say the least. Anyway, a campaign manager for a politician in California (Joey Lucas) arrives on the scene and is, of course, put off by Josh's shoddy condition, which Josh tries to explain away with a simple, "I have a very delicate system." (It's a funnier line if you actually see the scene.)

I, not being much of a drinker (never have been), now have newfound appreciation for that line.

On the bright side, after the Patriots lost (yes, I was rooting for the Pats), our group got in a little Rock Band action, which was hysterical if for no other reason than my role as the vocalist. Nothing like a little Wanted Dead or Alive and Won't Get Fooled Again to close out an evening.