Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sins and Stuff

My review of Sins of a Solar Empire is up today at CG. Great game.

My workload is about to hit Silly Status this week with the release of Frontlines, Turning Point, and the soon to be released DoW: SoulStorm and MLB 2K8.

I think I am officially loaded to max capacity.

All kinds of stuff going on at GameShark, all of which I can't really talk about. Even the writers, many of whom read this blog, are as of yet unaware. It's good stuff. I tried firing Brandon but my boss says he's an avid Binky reader much for that idea. I should prolly send out a staff letter. Nah. Let 'em sweat.

Todd's music post reminds me -- here's a great CD that is right now in heavy rotation. Really, really good.

Btw Todd -- no Beatles in the house? Yikes.