Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ricker Racker Firecracker Sis Boom Bah!

Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny RAH RAH RAH!

I love that cartoon.

That song started to play in my head while I reading excerpts from the Peter Moore interview at the WSJ.

I guess I should care about this more than I do. I've pretty much resigned all sports game industry venom to the very capable hands/teeth of Bill Harris.

Bill still fights the good fight and he and I are pretty much of one mind when it comes to this part of the industry (so much so that at LEAST once a year we are confused as being either the same person, or someone mixes us up. It's pretty funny.) Hint: Bill is the smart one.

When it comes to sports games, I'm just tired. Exhausted to be honest about it. It took a long time to happen, but the malaise is here in full force.

I'm not even reviewing MLB 2K8 this year.

Todd is doing it for GameShark and I gave a Crispy Gamer freelance fee to another writer without as much as a whimper. I'll play MLB 2K8, most likely for about 2 weeks before I get bored to death with it. Trust me, it is better this way.

I didn't even get upset at all about the latest "extended" EA NFL deal. I just don't care anymore. Is that a bad thing? I mean, the publishers don't care about me -- or you -- so why should I get all mad about what they do? The games are all glossed over, over-produced fluffy pieces of pigeon droppings so what's to get mad about?

The kinds of sports games that I loved died about six or seven years ago; even games like OOTP are falling into the yearly release trap -- so I just have no interest in faking outrage at another EA exclusive licensing deal or another over-promised 2K sports game. Sorry. I've kicked the habit.

I want to be surprised by sports games again. And that’s my real beef. I’ve been playing the same games for far, far too long.

On the plus side Ashley is loving the Wii. Mario Party 8 and the new Hannah Montana game are huge hits with her and I'm so utterly hooked on Culdcept Saga (360) that the thought of quitting to play another early March release baseball game holds no interest to me whatsover.


Brandon said...

While you're throwing Crispy Gamer jobs around, why not lob a few my way. I can totally review sports game.

MLB, that's baseball right? Is baseball the one with the stick or the one with the beehives?

I so got this.

Loren said...

Totally agree with you on the other Bill, although I think we as a sports gamer review collective (I've done plenty of sports reviews, but nowhere near as in-depth as either of the two Bills have been in the past) have possibly been doing it for so long that we no longer find any of what EA or 2K does surprising.

As every year goes by we get older and I think we find ourselves trying to disassociate ourselves from game series that we have put well over a decade of mental and emotional investment into.

I know I've been with Madden since the beginning for example, so we're coming up on 20 years next year since the first one came out on the computer. Same can be said for much of the EA and 2K lineup of sports games from my gaming experience. It is only recently (around the 2007 and 2K7 lineup) that I've actively thought about not picking up the games. I gave in to NCAA and Madden this year figuring maybe things had changed. I enjoyed NCAA, but there were still tons of problems. Madden was better than last year, but still had a myriad of problems as well.

I've tried to stay away lately on any information about upcoming sports games. I am somewhat looking forward to Sony's MLB game, but I am sure there will be problems that veterans of the genre will find that will eliminate any excitement people have about it.

It's just very frustrating to be a veteran of sports gaming in this day and age.

Steve Davey said...

My daughter is 7 years old and really enjoys Hanna Montana. Does this game require a dance pad? Also, is the skill level and content appropriate for a 7 year old in your opinion?

bill abner said...

Steve, no dance pad required. And yeah, it's very easy for a 7 year old. Ashley plays on the easy level and does very well with it.

bill abner said...

Actually, I should say this is not a dance pad game at all -- it's all done via the Wiimote and nunchuck.