Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Todd does Hinterland

Right here.

I still want to play this despite any longevity issues.

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Jeff said...

Hinterland is actually quite good from what I've played of it so far. I grabbed it via Impulse when it was made available there. Todd nailed it by saying that you don't need a manual for the game at all - it's pretty easy to pick up and learn on the fly. I was enjoying it a lot last week until getting into Fallout over the weekend, but anticipate playing Hinterland a lot on my laptop. The game reminds me of the good parts of the old RPG/RTS/Builder Magic and Mayhem series in its fun, fast-paced real time action, character building, and low-level resource management less the somewhat wonky controls and bugs from M&M. I turned off the option to receive orders from the King (like the orders from Caesar / Pharaoh in the city builders) as they were coming in way too soon in the start of the game before you could build up your town's stockpiles. Other than that minor quibble, it's the best $20 game I've picked up in a while - hopefully, it won't prove too monotonous as time goes on.