Thursday, November 13, 2008

Help a Fledgling Rocker Out

OK so like I said -- I finally took the music game plunge last week and got some gear for RB2 and starting jamming.

Don't ask me why it took so long to get on this train, but now that I'm on it -- I'm uh...yeah I'm basically addicted.

Rock Band 2 has ignited that inner music geek in me and I'm showing a side of myself that Ashley has never seen. Fun fact about me: I can sing. Not American Idol talent sing but I can carry a tune. I sang in a really bad garage band in high school. The kind that never actually gets OUT of the garage, had one guy with real talent, and the rest of us sorta just made a bunch of noise. This was in the mid-late 80s so while I wanted to sing Zeppelin, Stones, The Beatles and CCR -- everyone else wanted to do Dokken, Motley Crue... Or God forbid Fu***** Warrant.

I hated the 80s.

The point is that I don't make the dogs howl when I sing, but no one would ever pay anything for the pleasure.

So when I started belting out Behind Blue Eyes Ashley's eyes got real big. It was the literal "Dad?" moment.

But alas..I have no idea how you guys play on Hard or Expert. Granted I have only been playing for a little less than a week and I am 90%+ on every song on Medium Guitar. I tried Metallica's Battery last night and got a 91%. I can 5 star Peace Sells and nearly nail Let There Be Rock. But when I go to Hard the songs kill me.

When they throw the three notes at once -- I'm cooked. I'm having a helluva time learning to hit that Orange note.

So when you guys were learning the Guitar Hero ropes -- what did it? What was the technique that was needed in order to play on the higher levels?



todd brakke said...

When you're playing on Hard (guitar) learn to make your "home" position fingering one down from the green button (so your pinky rests on orange). It's easier to stretch your hand up to green than down to orange (IMO). Beyond that it's just sticking with it until you get the muscle memory down (at least, that's how it was for me).

Granger44 said...
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bill abner said...

How often do you use the Hammer on and fret techniques?

Mike in the D said...

Definately the pinky-orange home position is useful. You can play a lot of songs without having to deviate much up to green. But for many other songs you will have to slide between to two home positions, this was the skill that allowed me to make the jump from just getting thru songs on hard vs actually playing them.

Hammering on/off I use when those notes are present AND convenient but I find that I end up strumming thru them alot to, just habit I guess. They're actually easier to use IMO (and necessary) when the song is faster like on hard or Expert than on medium.

Much more often I take advantage of the string rule, where you can hold down notes "under" others even if its not a note to be played. For example, holding down the green while reaching up for blue or orange where you know the green is coming right before/after.

Brandon said...

Stick to vocals. Much easier. Unless you can't sing on Expert that is. Then, there's no help for you. ;)

bill abner said...

No, I am intent on doing this.

Tonight I started getting high 80% range on the zero diff guitar songs -- Rebel Girl, Today, We got the Beat, etc. I think perhaps using the Red as Index finger is a good start.

Then I tried the 3 star Going Mobile tune by The Who and yeah...that's just not gonna happen for a while.

Brandon said...

It's not like vocals on Expert is easy, just just that the transition is easier than the transition for the other instruments. Of course, it could be that it's easy for me because I'm unspeakably awesome.

Yes, I think that's it.

Flying Norseman said...

Trying playing Bass on Hard for a while, it is generally easier (just not Rush songs) and it gets you used to the speed and the extra button.