Sunday, November 23, 2008

7-1; 5 In a Row

I don't feel bad, at all, for Michigan fans. Sorry Todd.

Rivalries can be cyclical. And yes, OSU has owned Michigan since JT took over. OSU has won 5 straight over UoM -- something no team had ever done in this series. And yes, JT is 7-1 against UoM.

This has been the greatest stretch of Ohio State domination --- ever.

And as an OSU alum I continue to smile. When it was 42-7 mid way through the 4th and it was 'run out the clock' time it was a feeling of sheer satisfaction. Not because we had won another game over Michigan -- but because I still remember the emotional drain from my college days. That was back when the tables were turned and Michigan beat OSU like a drum despite OSU having FANTASTIC talent. NFL talent all over the field.

John Cooper would lose to Michigan when he shouldn't have; at least Dick Rod lost with a bad team. When I was younger, Michigan won 12 of 15 meetings. It SUCKED.


So suck it up Michigan faithful -- because the sun isn't coming out soon, either.

Payback hasn't been fully served just yet. To make that 15 year stretch Even Steven we need to play 7 more times.

And OSU needs to win 5 of those.