Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Stuff

OK a few quick hitters today before my Sunday-at-noon hoops game:

--We have a contest of sorts for the Mirror's Edge Xbox 360 demo at Gshark. The code unlocks the Time Trial mode. So if you want a code--knock yourself out.

--Terrelle Pryor is REALLY good. And should get nothing but better. Special, special player.

--Penn State losing to Iowa. W.T.F. College football makes absolutely no sense to me. At all.

--Either the Big12 has the best offensive teams in the history of college football or no one plays any defense whatsoever in that conference.

--That said, I really want Texas Tech to keep winning. If the Bucks can't get a title, I'd love to see some new blood get a championship. Texas Tech is about as new blood as it gets.

--My fingers are sore today.

I have finally discovered the joy that is Rock Band 2. I'm playing on medium level and I am 4-starring pretty much all of the songs (guitar) but good lord how you guys play that game on the hard levels...YIKES. You guys know how much I love my tunes. So I have no explanation for why this is my first time playing any of these games -- RB, GH, etc. But yeah...sorta ridiculously fun. Rocking out on Rebel Girl...too cool.

Ashley made the guitarist for the band. She's a Goth girl with black lipstick. I have no idea what that says for the future of my 8-year old daughter...but hey. She loves playing it, too. She can't quite control the whole thing right now so she strums while I fret. Bonding to Man in the Box. Good times.

Funny side bit: She named the band herself. I let her come up with what she wanted. She came up with "The Jesus Band."

I cocked an eyebrow at that one. We're not overly religious people so it took me by surprise. I smiled at her and said, "OK, The Jesus Band it is!" She replied with, "What? I love Jesus."

So we're the Jesus Band and then the game tells us, "Your band name is not very classy and will not appear on Xbox Live."

Ashley's response:

"What's wrong with Jesus?"

Indeed, Rock Band. What is wrong with Jesus?


Mike in the D said...

I was a relatively late convert to the genre as well. Todd gave me his old GH2 equip about a year ago and its been downhill ever since. RB2 is a special game and I love the DLC and the fact that you can bring in RB1 song list. Xbox didn't like my first band name either "The Fungus Among Us". What's wrong with Fungus microsft?!

bill abner said...


I expected the "radio" versions of certain songs (Man in the Box) but ..Fungus?