Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Stuff

OK a few quick hitters today before my Sunday-at-noon hoops game:

--We have a contest of sorts for the Mirror's Edge Xbox 360 demo at Gshark. The code unlocks the Time Trial mode. So if you want a code--knock yourself out.

--Terrelle Pryor is REALLY good. And should get nothing but better. Special, special player.

--Penn State losing to Iowa. W.T.F. College football makes absolutely no sense to me. At all.

--Either the Big12 has the best offensive teams in the history of college football or no one plays any defense whatsoever in that conference.

--That said, I really want Texas Tech to keep winning. If the Bucks can't get a title, I'd love to see some new blood get a championship. Texas Tech is about as new blood as it gets.

--My fingers are sore today.

I have finally discovered the joy that is Rock Band 2. I'm playing on medium level and I am 4-starring pretty much all of the songs (guitar) but good lord how you guys play that game on the hard levels...YIKES. You guys know how much I love my tunes. So I have no explanation for why this is my first time playing any of these games -- RB, GH, etc. But yeah...sorta ridiculously fun. Rocking out on Rebel Girl...too cool.

Ashley made the guitarist for the band. She's a Goth girl with black lipstick. I have no idea what that says for the future of my 8-year old daughter...but hey. She loves playing it, too. She can't quite control the whole thing right now so she strums while I fret. Bonding to Man in the Box. Good times.

Funny side bit: She named the band herself. I let her come up with what she wanted. She came up with "The Jesus Band."

I cocked an eyebrow at that one. We're not overly religious people so it took me by surprise. I smiled at her and said, "OK, The Jesus Band it is!" She replied with, "What? I love Jesus."

So we're the Jesus Band and then the game tells us, "Your band name is not very classy and will not appear on Xbox Live."

Ashley's response:

"What's wrong with Jesus?"

Indeed, Rock Band. What is wrong with Jesus?