Friday, November 7, 2008

Music Break

It's been a long, long week. From the crazed Election night, which was Obamarific, but also a tad upsetting -- both local school levies failed (again) and some local officials were reelected who REALLY should have lost.

Plus, Alaska...Stevens? Really? A felon? Even the nutcase from MN won. You know, the one who wanted an expose on Senators being anti-American? Mr. McCarthy, stage right. Pretty crazy.

Plus, Ashley is sick again. T

And I STILL have not found time to play Rock Band 2.

So, time for some tunes. This is possibly my favorite Floyd song. Maybe.

This one is from Bon Iver, who I found on eMusic the other day. The song is Flume. Turns out he's pretty popular. I have no clue. I like what I like. One of his songs was on NBC's Chuck a few weeks ago. I was watching it and heard the song and thought, "Hey, That's Bon Iver!"

It's the little things.