Friday, November 7, 2008

Music Break

It's been a long, long week. From the crazed Election night, which was Obamarific, but also a tad upsetting -- both local school levies failed (again) and some local officials were reelected who REALLY should have lost.

Plus, Alaska...Stevens? Really? A felon? Even the nutcase from MN won. You know, the one who wanted an expose on Senators being anti-American? Mr. McCarthy, stage right. Pretty crazy.

Plus, Ashley is sick again. T

And I STILL have not found time to play Rock Band 2.

So, time for some tunes. This is possibly my favorite Floyd song. Maybe.

This one is from Bon Iver, who I found on eMusic the other day. The song is Flume. Turns out he's pretty popular. I have no clue. I like what I like. One of his songs was on NBC's Chuck a few weeks ago. I was watching it and heard the song and thought, "Hey, That's Bon Iver!"

It's the little things.


Robert said...


Keep in mind that Alaska is a deeply conservative state. The vote was really between Palin's appointment as successor or the Democrat running against Stevens. It wasn't really a vote for Stevens.

bill abner said...

I know it's deep red but my goodness...that's still tough to swallow.

bill abner said...

Will Palin step down and have the Lt Gov appt her to the Senate?

Mike in the D said...

Actually, AK doesn't do Gov appointments any more, after the last corrupt gov, Murkowsky (sp?,)put his daughter into a post. They do special elections now. Princess Sarah could run for that of course, and would likely win.

We did much better on the local level here in MI. We got rid of Knollenburg and Walberg from congress and our Far right supreme court justice got booted too. It was good day.