Friday, November 14, 2008 used games are the enemy?

Legal pirating?

So...pirating is bad (agreed) and now buying used games is akin to doing the same?

Stupid gamers.


Craigsca said...

While I wouldn't go quite as far as to say used games are the enemy, I would certainly agree that they are a drain on the revenue pool. Why should Gamestop, which has little to no value-add in the process, continue to make money hand over fist while the development studios (who put forth the huge outlay of money in any project) see their bottom line eaten away? It only makes sense from any kind of corporate point of view to maximize revenue especially when they are absorbing all the risk.

On an semi-related note, if, in fact, developers are shying away from the PC market because of pirating, then yes, that's obviously a bad thing, and I can't blame them. The only people who lose are the people who actually support the products by buying them. Hey piraters, you won the war, congrats!

Brandon said...

Gamestop should continue to make money hand over fist because they provide goods and services that people are willing to pay for. Saying that Gamestop shouldn't make money means that used car dealerships shouldn't make money nor should realtors, nor should most of the sellers on eBay or Amazon Marketplace. All of these sellers make a living by the sale of used property. This is no different.

I can understand the frustration of game developers and publishers that their products are on the same shelf as cheaper used versions, but at the same time, they make a product that the consumer has no ability to return should they not be happy with their experience. If you buy a used game from GS, you can return it after 7 days for no questions asked. Even this shitty return policy is a thousand times better than what you get for buying a new product. Give the consumer a reason for spending 5 bucks extra for the new version and people will pay it.

For the record I don't buy used games unless it's an older title that's no longer out at the stores, and in that case I go the eBay route.

Jeff said...

Wow, somebody call a waaaambulance for Capps! I guess we'd better start boycotting Blockbuster and our locally funded libraries for pirating IP for years...

I don't think anyone has put forth a reasonable proposal for curbing real piracy of software while keeping our rights to privacy intact, but calling out game rental stores / resellers and people selling games they didn't like on EBay is NOT the way you go about things if you want to thoughtfully discuss the issue with the gaming community.

James said...

Easy fix, set the prices of your retail games to the same amount as the prices of the used games as demand for your game wanes. Charging 60 bucks for a game that's been out 6 months while it's available on the used market for 30 is stupid on your part. Deal with the market as it stands, don't try to make the market bend to you.