Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday Gadget Edition

I am writing this long Holiday Buyer Guide (which is a serious time killer) and it basically includes a bunch of games and Mad Catz Gear. I did get the Mad Catz Fender Bass which I like a lot. So there's a company plug. Cha ching.

I'm also adding a Cool Stuff section to the Guide which is intended for off the wall game related trinkets.

Any thoughts? I have my own list but wanted to pick some brains.

I was sent this today -- a huge box of it actually. I tried some and it was like being turned up to 11. This stuff is...eye opening. I didn't crash though. I thought for sure I'd be Dead Man Walking afterwards.

Oh, a quick Rock Band 2 update: I nailed an 84% on Let There Be Rock on Hard. I'm getting there! I'm hovering around 85-90% on most songs so I can get through them unless they're just totally insane like some of the metal tunes, but I hate that shit anyway so I call it a wash.