Monday, December 10, 2007

So How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was great, thanks.

It was a rare weekend with just me and the wife; Ashley was at a friend's house Saturday through Sunday afternoon. I picked her up around 3PM after Sunday basketball.

So that meant it was just me and Mary from noon Saturday to about 11 AM Sunday. So what do two 30-somethings who are in love do with the house to themselves?

Oh, you know what we did. (Cue music)

We played 2 games of Hammer of the Scots.

It's such an easy to play wargame and Mary had never played it. Now, in typical Mary fashion, she wants to play next weekend. I swear -- she is the most competitive person I know. She played high school basketball at a pretty high level and then blew both knees out (ACL) (which killed her chance to play at Marietta college) and this is now her way to test herself.

After the first game (I was Scotland) and William Wallace fought off the English dogs..she wanted to play again. When she won that game as England, she was able to go to bed. I have created a monster.

Sunday was great because I got to play basketball to run off the bag of chips I ate playing HotS and then was able to watch the Browns go to 8-5.

The Cleveland Browns are 8-5. Let that sink in for a second.

I'm also in the process of writing up a late review for Hellgate: London, quite possibly the biggest letdown game of 2007. That and Jericho. We're working on the GameShark awards right now.

Fun! (Not really)