Monday, December 10, 2007

More Michigan Coaching Follies

Michigan's head coaching search: It's the show that never ends (well). Here's the latest:

- Sean Payton. This was being reported just about everywhere, at least until Payton unequivocally said he's not interested. Credit where it's due, Payton would've been an intriguing choice.

- Quo Vadimus is reporting a rumor that Miami Dolphins HC is a candidate. You know, because he has Michigan ties and an impressive 13-0 record.... What? 0-13, you say? Oh... well, uh, at least he was successful at Indiana.... hmmm. Wait. Nope. He was 18-37. This, evidently, is the kind of record that gets you on Sailboat Bill's speed dial.

- Next up, the Brady Hoke rumors just won't die. There's not much to say here when M Go Blog sums it up oh-so-well:
Potential Catches: Potential "catches"? The whole damn thing is one big catch! Even in the realm of people who Michigan would approach after getting turned down by everyone -- EVERYONE -- there are vastly preferable candidates: Ron English. Mike Trgovic. Glen Mason. Jon Chait. Me. The Golden Retriever from "Air Bud: Golden Receiver." Mussolini, who is dead. Dick Vitale. Sigourney Weaver. Richard Nixon's penis. Sigourney Weaver's penis. All of these people and organs don't have a track record that suggests they are a below average MAC coach. It is in this way they are superior to Brady Hoke.
-Then there's... Les Miles? Really? Again? Maybe. Just maybe. At least, according to M Go Blog. Evidently university president Mary Sue Coleman may just be freezing Sailboat Bill out of the process in an attempt to actually pursue Miles (rather than faking interest, only to go yachting at the last minute). It's not totally implausible. Miles still has the Michigan buyout clause in his newly signed LSU contract. The question is what it would take to restore Miles' interest after his initial candidacy was sabotaged from within (ie - Lloyd Carr and His Amazing Friends).

As always these are merely the juiciest, marginally credible rumors floating around.

Also... the Detroit Lions suck. Hey, Shaun MacDonald! I've got an idea. How about, after you catch a first down pass in bounds with a 6 point lead and less then four minutes to go, you actually try to stay in bounds instead of going out of your way to get out as quickly as possible? Do you think that might've, just might've burned off those extra 18 seconds we needed to beat Dallas yesterday?