Friday, December 14, 2007

Rodriguez? I Dunno.

To paraphrase, Silent Bob in Chasing Amy, you can just about squeeze what I don't know about West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez into the grand (f'n) canyon. Bill seems happy about it, which is troubling. Brian at M Go Blog, whose post on the matter I only discovered after reading Bill's post, also seems happy about the prospect. So, like the title says, I dunno. I'll be cautiously optimistic until I find out more.

Update: This from the Detroit Free Press:
His career record is 60-26. The Mountaineers have won at least 10 games in each of the past three seasons and are headed to the Fiesta Bowl to face Oklahoma this year after just missing out on a trip to the Bowl Championship Series national title game when they lost the season finale to Pittsburgh.
Can't really argue with the record, but losing to a team coached by Dave Wannstedt with the national championship on the line?

Update II: Just to give credit where it's due, this story *may* have been first reported at The Sporting News.


bill abner said...

His teams always fold, he always goes ultra conservative in big games, and his record is pumped up by playing in the Big East. He brings in kids to play at WVU who wouldn't be allowed to attend Michigan even on Chris Weber's UM program.

And he runs that backyard offense which the Michigan people will just LOVE! ;)

Yes. Hire that guy.

Todd, you know that there are coaches out there that, if hired by Michigan, would make me very, very nervous. (Kelly, Ferentz, Schiano, even Glen Mason)

This guy isn't one of them.

Chris said...

You forgot Jim Grobe....he would have been the best hire.

Chris said...

Bill, wasn't it the same type of backyard offense that beat OSU by 30 in last years national championship game? :-)

bill abner said...

Actually no. The Florida scheme is nothing like what WVU runs. Both are "spreads" but that's about where it ends.

Chris said...

haha, easy bill, don't take it so seriously, just giving you a hard time!