Friday, December 7, 2007

Schiano Gets an Interview

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano has evidently gotten farther with Michigan AD Bill Martin (who shall hereafter be referred to as Sailboat Bill), than did Les Miles. In other words, the two have actually spoken. So I guess that's something. In fact, the article (the first one I linked above) speculates that Schiano may get an offer as soon as today. I'm not holding my breath. Whether Les Miles was the right guy for the job or not, I no longer have any faith in Sailboat Bill's ability to tie his shoes, let alone make the most important coaching hire of his tenure at Michigan.

(Do be sure to read the M Go Blog link, in particular. It's maddening.)

Edit: I just came across this post at Quo Vadimus (linked from a story) that -if true- appears to scuttle the Schiano possibility. Bill (Abner, not Sailboat) must be enjoying this.


bill abner said...

He already turned this down, FYI. Heard it on Mike and Mike today as well as Forde's report.

Sorry Todd.

Remember -- Tressel was our 3rd choice..

todd brakke said...

Heh. Posted my edit to the post before I saw your comment. Yeah, I guess I'll have to have faith in the power of "the third time's the charm". Though, I'm not sure the Les Miles fiasco counts since it was Michigan itself that scuttled that.

Chris said...

Bill, I can't remember, who were Ohio State's top two choices?

bill abner said...

Mike Belotti and Glen Mason.

Belotti had a TERRIBLE interview. He said, "So, Michigan is your big rival, right?" Bad, bad answer.

Mason was fine. Former player. Played for Woody.

Then Tressel interviewed and blew the AD away. Geiger said it was the best interview he had ever conducted in his time as an AD. Tressel got the gig and Mason was stunned.

And and I will get some CH2K8 stuff this weekend. Promise.

Chris said...

nice, looking forward to your thoughts and possible slider adjustments.

Since this is my first time using the 360 controller I'm having a good time playing on the second easiest level out of the 5 (I think its starter).

bill abner said...

Well, I'm on All Con.

You dont need a *lot* of slider changes, really, just a few tweaks.

Chris said...

The only annoying thing I'm noticing is that some reallllly easy lay ups are missed on a large scale...but for me it happens to both human and AI so I don't think its a game breaker by any means