Monday, December 17, 2007

NCAA 08 360 Patch

I haven't been online today to see, but I guess EA released an NCAA 08 patch to fix the INTs and lob passes.

Anyone try it?


Jared said...


I have a post on it on the DSP blog. In short, there are some improvements. There are less interceptions (primarily because of more secondary drops), defensive awareness is toned down a little, and you can put more touch on passes (especially deep balls). However, it's not an overhaul. There are still examples of psychic defensive back AI, especially on curl routes. Those are still unsafe even if your timing is great and you have some separation from the defender when you turn.

I'm still playing it though, to try and figure out if there are any other interesting wrinkles. It's a definite improvement. But I'm not sure yet if it totally changes the gameplay experience for me.

bill abner said...

Thx Jared. That's what I needed to know.