Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rodriguez to Michigan

It's not official, but now it looks like Rodriguez may just be Michigan's next coach. The Sunday Gazette-Mail has it that Rodriguez just told his team that he's taking the Michigan job. (This is further confirmed by local TV station WBOY.)

M Go Blog is excited. I remain indifferent. I just don't know the guy's rep well enough to be excited or disappointed. Certainly, I will have an open mind about it and I'm definitely glad that this saga appears to be coming to a close. A buddy of mine at work insisted Michigan was too cheap to pay a coach more than $2M per. I argued they would, if it meant getting an established guy. You have to believe Rodriguez will be well-compensated for leaving WVU. (Plus he's got that $4M buyout.)

Anyway, if you're not watching the Browns game, you're missing a great one. Most of the first half has *looked* to be at or near blizzard conditions. That's what I call football!