Monday, December 3, 2007

Michigan as Incompetent Boobs

If anything in this M Go Blog writeup is remotely true about the behind the scenes shenanigans that led to putting the kibosh on the Miles hire then you can forget anything and everything I've said about having faith in Bill Martin or the athletic department to fill this coaching vacancy.

I particularly like the "what if" posit that Sweaty McSweatervest had a hand in feeding Herbstreit his information on Saturday. It's almost certainly not the case, but if it were... god, it would be just so brilliant in its evilness that you almost want to believe it.


bill abner said...

But that implies one crucial thing: That OSU did not want Miles to be the coach.

Les Miles? Seriously? I guess I continue to be surprised as to why so many people think this guy is a world class college coach.

Believe me when I say this: A LOT of OSU people inside the Athletic Center were absolutely fine with Miles taking over that job.

There are other coaches who OSU would like to keep FAR away from Ann Arbor -- Miles is not on that list.

And do they really think Tressel and Herbie are buddy/buddy and conspired to do that? Kirk has taken a TON of heat in Columbus for his comments about OSU over the past 5 years. If he's JT's stooge then it's the most elaborate plot this side of the French Connection.

todd brakke said...

Now see, there you go. Throwing facts and reality around into a perfectly good plot to muck with Michigan's carefully laid plans. You have to look past the plausibility of it all, to the pure poetry potential of it. :)