Saturday, August 1, 2009

Video Example 1

Here are just a few to get started. These first two are default All Pro -- no adjustments. Much more to come...

I can't seem to fix the size issue for these so if you want to see them non cropped, just click the "Madden 10 Video Highlight" link below.

After playing a few games with meager kickoff returns, Cribbs finally does his thing -- watch out ref! Note the weird pursuit angle taken by the Chief defender at the 48 yard line. Again, this is default lvl.

This next one is also default All Pro no slider adjustments. Here you see Quinn throw a bullet to Edwards -- but the safety -- what's he doing? It's hard to see on this void but the safety actually turns the wrong way and flows away from the play. Sorta odd.

The good news? After a slight adjustment to the AI settings I don't see this anymore.