Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Items of Note

I haven't done a bullet list in a while so here you go:
  • Still haven't played Madden for a bit. Waiting for opening day rosters.
  • Middle-Earth Quest arrived last night. Should get a chance to play over the holiday weekend.
  • I will be doing a somewhat rare boardgame review for GameShark of Chaos in the Old World.
  • Games Workshop is remaking Space Hulk. Drool.
  • Mitch, one of my freelancers, says Batman on the 360 is A+ material.
  • Mad Catz sent me 3 microphones and 3 mic stands in preparation for the Beatles Rock Band review. Yeah 3-part Harmony! Now to get them to send me the new Telecaster! Eat it Binky!
  • The Jefferson City Ragtime Nine have now taken their rightful place in the world. Todd's team is now in last place. The sun is shining brightly in the NCBL.
  • Tonight is my Blood Bowl league match against a Lizard team. I have no idea how to play against those guys.
  • Last night was 30 and over basketball night at the rec center. I have been playing there for about 6 years every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Well, not *every* -- but as often as I can. When I started playing in the 30 and over night I felt like I had the upper hand -- now -- nearing 38...I feel like the veteran about to get cut.


Jim Schmaltz said...

I can vouch for Batman: Arkham Asylum. It is stellar. Definitely check it out, Bill.

Brandon said...

Just for that, not only will I not rent the Beatles to play with you, I won't even read your review.

Nyah, nyah, nyah.

I'm also not sending you my USB hub. You're cut off pal.

Jim Schmaltz said...

Not RENT the Beatles? You mean you aren't buying the game?

For shame...

Jayhawker said...

My wife talked to me about getting The Beatles for our daughter for Christmas. Incredulous, I sm .

She doesn't think we need to spend money on games right now, and is already annoyed I picked up Batman.

To counter this horrid notion, I have a new plan. My wife's birthday is 9/7, and she is totally getting the game for it.

Wait until Christmas? Seriously??? No frickin' way.

Then I'm getting her NHL 10 for another late gift. Take that!

Dirk said...

I'm playing in an over 35 soccer league and at 44, know your pain. Nice thing with this league, is that I am about middle of the pack, both age and shape wise.