Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Items of Note

I haven't done a bullet list in a while so here you go:
  • Still haven't played Madden for a bit. Waiting for opening day rosters.
  • Middle-Earth Quest arrived last night. Should get a chance to play over the holiday weekend.
  • I will be doing a somewhat rare boardgame review for GameShark of Chaos in the Old World.
  • Games Workshop is remaking Space Hulk. Drool.
  • Mitch, one of my freelancers, says Batman on the 360 is A+ material.
  • Mad Catz sent me 3 microphones and 3 mic stands in preparation for the Beatles Rock Band review. Yeah 3-part Harmony! Now to get them to send me the new Telecaster! Eat it Binky!
  • The Jefferson City Ragtime Nine have now taken their rightful place in the world. Todd's team is now in last place. The sun is shining brightly in the NCBL.
  • Tonight is my Blood Bowl league match against a Lizard team. I have no idea how to play against those guys.
  • Last night was 30 and over basketball night at the rec center. I have been playing there for about 6 years every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Well, not *every* -- but as often as I can. When I started playing in the 30 and over night I felt like I had the upper hand -- now -- nearing 38...I feel like the veteran about to get cut.