Saturday, August 1, 2009

Video Example 2

OK now we go to another game vs the Chiefs. Custom sliders. No major tweaks, just some slight adjustments. One thing about Madden 10 -- the sliders REALLY seem to work -- noticeably.

I am limited in that I can only post a few vids at a time. Not sure how that works but I cannot upload anymore until I delete some.

So, for now, here are a couple more:

Will the AI throw deep?


So, Brady Quinn has accuracy issues in Madden 10. Braylon can fly, and break tackles like crazy so it's helping his numbers. But man, Quinn is frustrating to play with.

Two examples:

Now, have you ever seen a play like this in Madden before? I haven't.

I wish you could see this in slow mo -- the quality there is sorta blah. But the DB doesn't do the EA Sports Super Human Ball Swat leap (that animation is in the game but toned down a LOT). Instead, the DB stumbles, looses his footing, tries to recover, but Robiskie nabs a perfect pass from Quinn. Brilliant.


On the VERY next play, Quinn does this:

And folks, that's what I'm talking about. Now this is slightly (slightly) modified settings. But that's football. That's a QB who is inconsistent making a great throw followed up with a pass well off the mark and a pass that should have been a completion.

I'll have much more video stuff and impressions during the week. I have more clips from this very game that I'd like to show.

More later.


Jeff said...

The variable QB accuracy is looking good - it definitely feels more dynamic in NCAA this year with the QB accuracy slider cranked way down.

Speaking of which, that's another good early impression of Madden - WORKING sliders. Sounds like they may actually be fairly responsive to minor tweaks too.

M said...

Excellent stuff. As a Browns fan, from what I have seen of Quinn, he has some accuracy issues. Can't wait to see him on the field, and hopefully he improves, but those videos were realistic to me.

I hope we get to see more Browns. They are probably the ONLY team in Madden 10 that I haven't see anyone post videos of. So thanks for that.

Are you playing franchise? And if so, any chance you'll give us your impressions of the progression, draft, trading, free agency and more?