Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jags 13 Browns 10

Well, another loss as I keep playing ex. games and tweaking settings.

Some stats:

Gerrard: 14/27 217 0-0
Quinn: 16/31 246 0-2 (one INT was 3rd and 5 from the 4 friggin yard line...argh)

Now, 46 of those yards were from Jamal Lewis in the first half. Take those out and Quinn's numbers look even better (realism wise). Not that 246 is a ton, but 250 per game for a season and you're a 4,000 yard passer...

The HB swing pass remains WAY too easy to manipulate in Madden. It's an AI quirk that needs fixed at some point. And no, the "Adaptive AI" doesn't help. It's just too easy. Jamal Lewis doesn't catch passes. It's not his thing, but in Madden he's a serious threat to get 100 yards per game if you want to do so.

Not a problem in MP games but against the AI they never cover the HB if a LB blitzes.

Of course I am trying to keep things as real as I can so after abusing this a bit in the first half I rarely used Lewis like that in the 2nd. If I ever get a real Roger Craig-type HB on my team that will be different, but for now, Lewis runs the ball and blocks and I'm fine with that. I hate that that AI loophole is there but is what it is.

Anyway, Lewis had 88 yards on 19 carries and Drew had 85 on 15. 52 came on ONE play as I still try to fins settings I really like for the CPU run game. It still doesn't feel quite right.

Oh, and Braylon dropped a HUGE 3rd down play in the 4th. I saved the play and will upload tomorrow.

Browns fans will see this play and think, "Yep, I've seen that before..."