Monday, August 24, 2009

The Best Games of 2009 (so far)

Forgot to post this Friday but we did a round table staff discussion on our picks for the best games of the year heading into the holiday rush.

These are always fun to do and I was surprised we had so many different #1 picks.

Todd chose Left 4 Dead.

Because it's a 2008 game and he's a "rebel".


todd brakke said...

If I am what passes for a rebel these days, then I weep for us all.

Brandon said...

Did I mention that I have a full thousand in Left 4 Dead?

Mike in the D said...

Wow. Last slot of the last page, that's some prime real estate. Right where Todd belongs.

I'm glad to see that several people listed Skate 2. The last skate game i gave any real time with was THUG, and i've sworn off of the genre ever since.

todd brakke said...

I suspect my being last has to do with I was probably the last one to turn in a list.

Also, because Bill hates me.

Or because he was saving the best for last, like Vanessa Williams.