Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Browns vs Steelers

Figured I'd recount the game I just played, which was a real dandy. I'm using a pretty heavily modified slider set to counter balance some of the run game and defensive scheme stuff that's going on.

But here's a quick recap of the first half, with some vids.

This was a classic Browns/Steelers game. Hard hitting, low scoring, with some crazy plays.

This game demonstrated that the AI can march on you. Pittsburgh started the game with a 19 play drive -- and believe me I was doing everything I could to stop it. 3rd and 6, 3rd and 7, 3rd and 12 --- and Pitt converted every one of them. Thankfully, I held them to a FG. Somehow.

Willie Parker can't catch deep routes, though.

I struggled mightily on offense in the first half; a few drops and some timely stops by Pitt's defense, and I was basically stonewalled.

Both teams were playing serious defense, though:

We would end up not scoring on this drive...thanks to a killer holding call and a sack by Harrison.

The 3rd quarter saw both teams do very little with the ball, and the 4th started 3-0 Pittsburgh when we finally got om track and went 65 yards in 6 plays with Braylon catching the go ahead TD with 7 minutes to play (12 min quarters, accelerated).

So we have 7:00 to play, 7-3 Browns.

It's at this point where things get a bit nuts. I'll post the end of the game vids tomorrow, I need to get Ashley to bed and get some Red Faction time in.


Rob said...

Well this sure looks like a hell of a lot of fun if nothing else. Despite some of the issues that you've brought up I do gotta admit that I can't remember the last time I really looked forward to a Madden game the way I am this year. Between the improved game play and the seemingly huge leap forward in franchise, this year's Madden seems to finally be set up to give me a reason to come back to it time and again over the year as opposed to the "one month and done" way it has been for me the past few years.

Tanis said...

The suspense is killing me! lol

Craig said...

What game speed are you using?

bill abner said...


f said...

Post your sliders. Your gameplay style reads like the way I play.

Moegames said...

Abner, do you mind posting the slider set you use when you have had enough time with the game that you feel content with a specific set of custom sliders you created?

Thx in adv

bill abner said...

Yep, when I've decided on a set I'll post them.

Michael.Langston.Moore said...


Any chance you can post a photo showing us what photos look like of the generated Madden rookies? I've heard we no longer have to deal with the silhouettes now.