Monday, August 10, 2009

The Madden Review

Here ya go.


Seth said...

Nice. After starting a Jets franchise this weekend, I agree with the overall sentiment.

Are you really able to make adjustments at the line with a 20 second runoff? I'm getting nailed for delay of game quite a bit with the default of 15, but I'm a big tinkerer with slot receivers and assigning smart routes (still one of my favorite features).

Wasted Penguin said...

Great read dude. Can't wait to play this game.

Matthew said...

Hi Bill,

I've really enjoyed your work and coverage on Madden.

I have a question that you'll hopefully be able to answer. Can you still import draft classes from NCAA? If so, does the scouting/drafting process work the same?

My instincts tell me that you cannot import or people would have been talking about it.

RealmK said...

Great review Bill, really enjoyed reading it as I always find your and Bill Harris' insights on sports games to usually be in line with my own. Have you toyed any more with the individual skill sliders and if so which ones?

Loren said...


I think I can answer it. You can import NCAA classes in the game. I think it's become such a staple in the series that it isn't talked about much in reviews anymore, much like the hit/move stick, playmaker, etc.

Matthew said...

Thanks Loren. That is good news. Do you know if the scouting/drafting process that Bill described in his blog also applies to the imported NCAA draft classes? I remember reading that the programmer that designed Franchise mode (the guy that did Head Coach) hand made draft classes for Madden. It would be cool if you could still have some busts and steals with imported draft classes.

Loren said...

Wish I could tell you. I never picked up NCAA this year, so I can't give you a perfect answer.

Considering what the team did with the overall game and especially in the realm of player ratings and player progression, I would think there would be busts and gems in the drafting process even with the importing of draft classes.

Bill may know, other place I would look is Operation Sports. Your answer may be found there, I haven't checked the forums since I've been playing Madden 10.