Friday, August 7, 2009

Browns - Steelers Conclusion

So, we left things at the start of the 4th quarter: 7-3 Cleveland.

It had been a real defensive struggle up to this point, but Pitt responded to my TD with a 6 minute TD drive of its own. Capped off by a 16 yard TD to Browns Killer Hines Ward.

With some 7-8 odd minutes to go, we had to answer. And I thought I took the lead on this play:

Is it me or did I just get caught from behind by the guy on the cover? Troy catches Braylon? Really? Anyway, we kept the drive alive and capped it off here -- with 2 minutes to go:

I MISSED the extra point. I was messing around not paying attention -- and yeah, you can miss em. So, anyway, 13-10 Browns. Two Minute Warning.

After the kickoff we have Pitt 3rd and 4 and decide to bring the damn house.

Not one of my better ideas.

Ok, so now we're down 17-13 with 1:35 to play. Now it's 3rd and 21 on my own 5. Quinn finds a life perserver.

:17 seconds to go. The plan to is to one more play and get out of bounds. I have no TO's left. If this play doesn't work it's Hail Mary time. I try to get it to Massaquoi. Who catches it OFF the deflection. (Don't ask why I called play action..I just didi..heh)

Clock is running and running, and I am trying to scramble to get the play off...but time runs out. Another frustrating loss to the damn Steelers.

Final stats:

Quinn: 19/28 217 1-0
Ben: 21/28 254 1-0

Lewis: 17 carries 53 yds
Parker 18/65

We each had 3 penalties, Massaquoi dropped 3 balls, Braylon dropped 1 (still caught 6 for 80) and Pitt actually won T.O.P.

Overall, a really, really enjoyable game. I just wish we could post more (and longer) vids.


Joe said...

That's it - I'm sold!

Bill Riddick said...

please post that sliders setting.

Bill Riddick said...

ignore that post, i justbgot the pm.

RealmK said...

Loving what you're showing on Madden so far, it looks like this may be the year finally. Would you mind terribly firing your sliders my way as well Bill?

Bill Riddick said...

He's going to post them after release day.

Blotts said...
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