Friday, August 7, 2009

Browns - Steelers Conclusion

So, we left things at the start of the 4th quarter: 7-3 Cleveland.

It had been a real defensive struggle up to this point, but Pitt responded to my TD with a 6 minute TD drive of its own. Capped off by a 16 yard TD to Browns Killer Hines Ward.

With some 7-8 odd minutes to go, we had to answer. And I thought I took the lead on this play:

Is it me or did I just get caught from behind by the guy on the cover? Troy catches Braylon? Really? Anyway, we kept the drive alive and capped it off here -- with 2 minutes to go:

I MISSED the extra point. I was messing around not paying attention -- and yeah, you can miss em. So, anyway, 13-10 Browns. Two Minute Warning.

After the kickoff we have Pitt 3rd and 4 and decide to bring the damn house.

Not one of my better ideas.

Ok, so now we're down 17-13 with 1:35 to play. Now it's 3rd and 21 on my own 5. Quinn finds a life perserver.

:17 seconds to go. The plan to is to one more play and get out of bounds. I have no TO's left. If this play doesn't work it's Hail Mary time. I try to get it to Massaquoi. Who catches it OFF the deflection. (Don't ask why I called play action..I just didi..heh)

Clock is running and running, and I am trying to scramble to get the play off...but time runs out. Another frustrating loss to the damn Steelers.

Final stats:

Quinn: 19/28 217 1-0
Ben: 21/28 254 1-0

Lewis: 17 carries 53 yds
Parker 18/65

We each had 3 penalties, Massaquoi dropped 3 balls, Braylon dropped 1 (still caught 6 for 80) and Pitt actually won T.O.P.

Overall, a really, really enjoyable game. I just wish we could post more (and longer) vids.