Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Madden Time Takes a Hit + Plus Mr. Binky!

I'll have some ramblings soon but my Madden time has dwindled post review.

Now there's good reason for this. I'm waiting. Yep. This is the first year I have ever waited to start a Madden franchise for the sole reason that I want to use accurate opening day rosters. In the past, hell, it never really mattered because franchise mode was so weak. Not this year. So I'm going to do it right and wait.

Plus there's this whole "you need to move on to the next game" syndrome that critics have to do in order to, you know, earn a living. So while you guys are waiting on Madden, I am waiting to start my franchise and am about to start playing Hearts of Iron 3.

In the meantime, check out Brandon's Extra Time video for Wii Sports Resort. Don't you feel sorry for his children?