Friday, May 30, 2008

Getting a Nasty Bug, Mass Effect and New Drums

My kids both had respiratory infections this week, which I think they managed to pass on to me. I didn't get the chest congestion they had, but the bug has definitely sapped every ounce of energy I've got to just get up off the couch or out of bed the past couple days. Fun!

Fortunately, today has been better, which is just in time as I've got my review copy (download) of Mass Effect installed and I'm eager to get started. Plus a buddy of mine is hosting another "barcade" party, to which I'll again be bringing Rock Band. That was loads of fun the last time (what I can remember of it through the drunken haze), so I'm looking forward to doing that again. This time, however, I'll be turning down any "mystery" concoctions. I also downloaded the Boston track pack a few weeks ago, so I'm eager convince someone (other than me) to do lead vocals on some of those songs. Should be a recipe for hilarity.

Finally, I had EA send me a new drum kit as the yellow pad on my original one never did work quite right. It arrived on Wednesday and, wow, what a difference. In between feverish naps I broke it out to make sure it worked. I was never able to get past Green Grass and High Tides on Medium and with the new kit I passed it on the first try. (Not by much, but still.) So I'd say the new set of pads works considerably better.

Anyway, I'll try to get some Mass Effect (PC) impressions up by Sunday or Monday. Have a good weekend everybody!


Mike in the D said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Its amazing how much difference little things make in the rock band, guitar hero genre. When I first hooked up GH2 I had trouble getting past the more difficult/ and or fast sections songs on medium. I tried compensating with the audio delay feature to no avail. It wasn't until Julie was playing that we noticed some sort of audio sync issue, just a tiny fraction of a second, I then realized than I was compensating for it by strumming early and that's why I was missing so many notes when the tempo/frequency picked up. I changed it so the audio is running thru my receiver and it fixed that problem. No way i could have ever gotten thru freebird otherwise.

Too bad I don't live closer, I would definately think about crashing the Barcade party:)

todd brakke said...

Heh. One of these time you'll have to make the trip down. It's a riot. Plus, I think I need a designated driver. ;)

Brandon said...

Plus, we need someone to tape Todd's drunken attempts at singing Boston songs.

Mike in the D said...

If anything can beat his rendition of Ballroom Blitz, its Boston!