Friday, May 2, 2008

Knight's Roster Set #1

The thread on OS is here.

The link to the rosters is here.

The thread that talks about installing these is here.

The info is...below:

This is the link for the Full Minors set for MLB The Show'08.

It has over 1,000 created players that represent the minor leaguers and top prospects for every organization.

If you've read the know about the limitations of the amount of editable just over a dozen teams have ONE fake player...all LF. You'll know them when you see them. I left one B rated position player on the FA list...this is for you to make a player for your team to replace that fake player(if you team has one) ...his last name is....B!

Couple of things....I didn't get to fully check on the NL West...AL East or please go over it and make changes if you feel the need. Also...these are set for opening should get the Becketts/Pettites/Chavez' up to the MLB in your franchise soon enough...but if you don't like seeing Pettite start on the "DL" move him beforehand.

Forget about the amount of guys to's immense...however I would like to thank them all for TREMENDOUS work and effort...THANK YOU!

If you use these be sure to say thanks in that OS thread. This is a CRAZY amount of work.

Note -- this does not incldue Aub's attribute edits, but it should be good to go if you don't want to use those.