Monday, May 19, 2008

Where Did the Week Go?

I was sitting here at work, taking a short break when it occurred to me it's been about nine days since I last wrote a post here. It wasn't a planned break, but it was probably a needed one. Angie (my wife) has been having issues at work (there are some people there who truly suck), my kids had strep throat (fun!) and then there's the whole Pistons/Wings playoff runs that have me in front of a TV just about every night watching one game or another. As for the Tigers, let's just pretend they don't exist for now. (Never in my wildest dreams did I think the team would be at the bottom of the AL past mid-May. They've now been shut out seven times. That's just ridiculous.)

Latching on to Bill's post about Conan. I'm seriously thinking of giving that game a go. I never really got into World of Warcraft. I first played it about a year after its initial release and that only last a month or two. LOTRO I jumped on from the start, and I enjoyed that a lot, but even on that one I let my subscription lapse after only two months. It's not that I don't think those games are any fun. I just like a little more purpose to my swords and sorcery gaming than an MMO generally provides. Just leveling up and collecting gear only does so much for me and the social aspects of those games were never a big draw. I like big, epic stories. Plus there's that whole monthly subscription thing that I find just plain irksome.

Wrapping up, today I actually really started to get excited for the new Indiana Jones movie. I've seen a lot of negative criticism of it, with a few positive bits mixed in. The consensus seems to be it falls somewhere in between Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade, but well short of Raiders of the Lost Ark. As long as we're not talking a collapse of Star Wars proportions, I can live with that. I just want to see a new flick with the man in the hat. I want to hear the theme music blaring from theater speakers. In short, I want to be reminded of what it was like as a kid to go to the theater and see the first three movies.

I'm hoping to prep for the experience by watching my DVDs of the trilogy, which I haven't watched since they were first released a few years ago (and that I've never watched on my projector screen). If I do, maybe I'll do an Indy movie round-up along the lines of the Marvel movie round-up I did a week ago last Friday.