Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hammer Time, The Show Rosters, and NCAA 09

A few links on this rainy Derby day. My report on the recent Warhammer Online Conference Call is live at Crispy Gamer. Transcribing this was a bitch. Tony Mitera covered this for GameShark and his report will be up Monday. I can't wait to play this game. I'm going to jump into Age of Conan later this month but Warhammer Online is the game I want to see the most -- well, that and Alone in the Dark.

Michael Barnes did a great Risk Black Ops Q&A for his Thursday Cracked LCD column.

The Aub has released his player edit roster that take Knight's additions and then tweaks several player ratings. I have not used these but I plan on doing so this week and should finally start my Reds franchise.

There's two files on is from February 5th; I have absolutely no idea what it is. If someone wants to enlighten me (I'm guessing its last year's rosters), they can. The other file may be of a bit more importance. Grab them here.

I would link some of the NCAA 09 previews floating about but it's an utter waste of time. Previewing these mass market sports games is meaningless unless the previewers gets to sit down and play the games for a good while. Everything else is New Feature Regurgitation which we can do from reading the press materials.

I will quote what OS did from the 1UP Preview:

"The biggest of these little things is the way QB composure factors into the game. If you're rattled by 80,000 roaring haters while under center, you won't be able to accurately see the routes your receivers will run. The routes will appear like distorted sine waves on the screen."

Which makes sense. I mean that's exactly what happens when the crowd gets to a QB.. The QUARTERBACK forgets the play. There's also some bizarro pop quiz thing about regaining composure. If this sounds sort of gimmicky, well, does, doesn't it?

The thing about NCAA 09 that most intrigues me is the 12 player Online Dynasty Mode. FINALLY -- we can play against buddies in a Dynasty format, recruiting against one another. If that works, NCAA 09 will be a great success. I have given up all hope of the AI playing up to snuff in this series. I have been excited only to be brought back to reality every year since the 2004 version so I am officially in NCAA Football Missouri Mode. SHOW ME.

Still an online Dynasty with Todd and Billy Baroo and Dave...I'm in.