Thursday, July 2, 2009

On the Docket

First off, Brandon also Hearts The Conduit. You know we do have more people writing for GameShark. I think...I need to check that. Our latest boardgame column is up -- hey that's not Brandon right there!

My Blood Bowl review won't be published until after the league starts because one really needs to test the MP waters and I refuse to play against random dudes. My rules I make 'em up.

I have some more Offline Blood Bowl thoughts that I'd like to get to later (the short version: the AI still sucks but yet I can't stop playing it.)

But today I finally go to the doctor who will then refer me to another doctor/chiropractor.

About two months ago I took a bad spill playing basketball. It just makes sense, really. I haven't popped my ankle in a long time so hey -- why not move to another location? This time: my back.

The day after my back -- near my left shoulder blade -- was extremely sore. But I rested, took some pain meds, and felt a lot better. Then we built the fence. Then I went to E3 and slept on a cheap bed.

For the last two weeks or so my left arm and hand have been "tingly" like it's asleep. It's not like you sit on your foot for 10 minutes and feel like it's being jabbed with needles. This is lot more subtle than that. It doesn't hurt as much as it's sort of numb. Whatever it is it ain't right. And my shoulder blade area is hurting again and if I move my neck around I feel paid in my back.

So my diagnosis, as prescribed by the Internet, is that I have a pinched nerve. Today I go see the doc to confirm my brilliance at reading general symptoms on various generic medical websites.

What could possibly go wrong?