Friday, July 24, 2009

NCAA 10 Recruiting vs. The Real World

I have a lot of shit going on right now with the Blood Bowl League, the Blood Bowl 2x elimination tourney, AND the OOTP league which holds its draft tomorrow at 2 Pm ET via Google Chat wherein I will show my BRILLIANT GM powers in the ability to draft fake players.

And there's this 8 year old kid living in my house who doesn't like it when I ignore her request for some Wizard 101 or LEGO Star Wars time.

Oh, yeah and that whole NCAA review thing. My goal is to post that on Monday.

In short, I don't hate NCAA 10. Now, I hated NCAA 09. I thought that game was $60 of fun murder.

NCAA 10 isn't that. I think it's the first truly 'respectable' version of NCAA since the launch of the 360. That doesn't mean it's award worthy -- but it does mean it's a better game than in previous years. I'm toying with anywhere from a C+ to a B grade. So that means a likely B-.

Now, that said, you all know how I feel about the Dynasty Mode/Recruiting model in that I really don't care for it. So, at some point this weekend -- I hope -- I will type up a little report comparing in a general sense how the 'stars' work in NCAA and how they really work in the world of college recruiting. My hope is that it'll be interesting and show some of the stuff I have been railing on about.

Or it could prove me wrong. We'll see.

My hypothesis is that there are a lot of 4 and 5 star busts in college football recruiting and that the process is much more of a crap shoot, particularly when recruiting LINEMEN than what you will see in NCAA 10.

And because of this, and the fact that the player ratings are so packed together, the teams in NCAA 10 all tend to improve to the point of Absurdtown.