Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blood Bowl Review

Here it is -- enjoy.

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Jam said...

Excellent review and one I can't argue with at all. I know it's irrelevant to the review but the AI XMLs and edited "Star Teams" do make single player slightly more of a challenge, but they don't do enough to simulate an intelligent player.

For me the worst problem is the afterthought of the league system. No real support for different formats and proper stat tracking is a massive disappointment; while I'm happy to track my own teams on my site, it's wrong that we have to struggle to get even a simple league going that would match FUMBBL's efforts.

Frankly I think they missed a trick by not tying the game in with a website dedicated to stat tracking, league organisation, user communication, etc. Baffling decisions, but I assume cost was a real issue.

- JM (http://www.attackerdown.com)