Friday, July 31, 2009

The Half-Blood Prince

More on this later if I have time.

But I really, really thought the movie was terribly mediocre.

And this is my favorite book in the entire series. If I wanted to watch Twilight, I would have. This was Dawson's Creek with wizards, stale acting, and filled with more important scene omissions -- and scene inclusions that should NEVER have made it past post production.

See? Me and Bill Harris can disagree on something.


Jayhawker said...

I'm with you, although that is without having read any of the Potter books. It was very clear to me during the entire movie that really important stuff was being left out of the movie.

They didn't make nearly enough of the importance of just who the Half=Blood Prince was.

The love stories were just flat out miserably done. It was like they didn't have time to flesh it out, so they gave you the basic love triangle and confusion storylines of every teen romance, but left the audience to fill in most it themselves. It just came off as superficial and really, really weak.

They should have left the PED storyline out of the movie, or have them actually deal with the consequences of Ron willingly becoming a cheating bastard with more than a disapproving look from Hermione.

Of course, there was also a lot to really enjoy. Helen Bonham Carter is always fun to watch.

But it felt too much like the director had too much story for one film, and then chose the wrong things to focus on.

My wife and daughter absolutely loved it, however.

bill abner said...

Word. :)

My daughter didn't like it, though.

James said...


You and Bill Harris are separate entities??


bill abner said...

Believe it!