Friday, July 24, 2009

Ian and Donny vs. T.J. Houshmandzadeh

Give 'em hell boys!

OK, this is something that I admit never crossed my mind when I was first told about the stretching of the Madden 10 ratings.

Players being openly pissy about how some dudes at a game company rate them as players. This is a multi-millionaire dollar athlete who doesn't like being told that hey -- guess what--you aren't winning a medal in the 100.

Houshmandzadeh is rated a 91 OVR with top shelf ratings in various (important) categories but because Donny gave him less than sound shattering speed he's a sad Seahawk.

My favorite part was when Donny dropped some stats and he basically blamed the entire Bengals offense. Hating the Bengals like I do, I smiled.

TJ averaged 9.8 per catch last year with a bad QB.

What about when he had a healthy Palmer?

13.3; 12.4; 12.0 and 10.2

So, what is Donny supposed to do? HINES WARD averages more per catch.

If TJ averages 17 yards per catch in Madden X then asshats like ME will say, "Donny, WTF man. TJ is a possession receiver."

Too funny.


Jayhawker said...

I've got to believe that this is a bigger deal to a lot of players. Pointless or not, a player's rating feeds into his ego, or gives ammunition to other players to grief the guy over.

I saw a great quote by T.J. Oshie about this over twitter.

"killin dudes in NHL09... I need to get better at hockey so the guys at EA Sports will make my character better."

How did the NHL 10 guys respond to this?

"@tjoshie Tj - this is an open invite to come through EA when you're in town. The NHL10 team would love to give you the tour."

There are benefits following the Bill Harris rule. "Don't be a dickhead."

Wanna bet that Oshie gets the benefit of the doubt on ratings this year, as well?

Steve said...

The funny part is that TJ has the 10th highest overall, which in my mind is probably generous.