Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Have Fence!

So, how was your holiday weekend? Mine was spent -- starting Friday night and ending Monday around 9 PM, building our massive fence. Here's some before/after snapshots. I should also note that ,my job was that of unskilled laborer. Carrying concrete, placing posts, etc. The actual layout and stringing was done by my neighbor. I am not that handy.

A view from the back of my house after poles were set but prior to the real work.

The right side of our land -- that's our neighbor's house (the goat story neighbors)

Monday night and the right side is done.

Monday night -- pic from the back. Our neighbor is going to keep horses in the back half.

Left side of the property; we still need to add the gates.

All in all, a great feeling getting that done over one long weekend.

After 3 years we now feel like we have a big yard rather than a house in the middle of a field.


HopkinsHeel said...
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HopkinsHeel said...

nice fence! still looking forward to hearing the follow up on the deranged vet...

macsomjrr said...

Nice fence Bill! I've been working on some internal home improvements over the last month (flooring, moulding etc...) and I envy your ability to get that done so fast. Good job:)

Now post more about BLOOD BOWL!!!! (kidding, hush hush, i know)