Monday, May 4, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

I’ve been making a lot of posts here regarding my lack of posting of late. Time to come clean a bit. My marriage has been on the rocks for a long time now, but the past month in particular has seen the tank run dry. Yesterday we decided it was time to take the rings off. It wasn’t even an argument, just an acknowledgement of reality. Obviously, I’m not going into details here. Suffice it to say that there’s plenty of blame to spread around. Ultimately it comes down to the notion that we just didn’t fit anymore and haven’t for a long time. As hard as it is right now, there’s no doubt in my mind that, long term, this will be best for both of us (and for our kids).

In the meantime, there’s lots of details to sort out. I’m not abandoning blogging here by any stretch, but I don’t anticipate posting much, if at all, this week. Hopefully next week I’ll be in a better state of mind, but ultimately I’m gonna take it week-by-week for awhile. I will be back posting here regularly once I get my feet back under me and start doing things again that are actually fun to write about. Surely the upcoming release of the new Star Trek movie will provide some fodder. Goddam am I looking forward to that. In any case, even in a worst case scenario, I plan to be back in some kind of blogging groove by the time E3 comes around the first week of June. (I am well and truly excited about making this trip!) In the meantime, you’ve got Bill to kick around.

And because I hate to leave anyone reading on a down note, and because it’s been way, way too long (months even?) since I embedded it…