Monday, June 8, 2009


Well I have been formatting our E3 stuff for like...12 hours now. It's almost done and should be a fun read. The fact that you most likely know what was at the show I hope is irrelevant because it's our amazing commentary that seals the deal.


Just understand this: I had a great group go this year. Mitch Dyer is 21 and looks 10 and knows more about games than I do, Danielle is a complete sweetheart and is way too nice to be hanging with people of our social upbringing, Brian is a fantastic writer and was likely wondering how he got stuck with us, Brandon is a freaking lunatic (and sort of a dick), and Todd is just perpetually angry. (Let the Bayonetta thing go Todd. Just LET IT GO.)

Now if that wide range of archetypes can't produce a fun E3 feature read then all hope is lost.