Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some BB Pics

Fresh from my victory over a human team.

This is my Foul Appearance Skaven Stormvermin.

That's right. We are just THAT GOOD.

This is the standard play view angle. You can zoom/in and out with the scroll wheel or rotate with the middle button.


James said...

Wow no big man and still only able to afford 2 rerolls? Did you spend your money elsewhere or are you on high difficulty?

I've not tried to play as the Skavens yet, but they can be a handful if they slip past you. Of course once you knock a few out, they become less of a threat.

bill abner said...

Oh, I have a big un. Wildrat Ivan the insane Rat Ogre.

We just won the Clean Cup with a 4-1 route of the Skaven team that beat me in Group 1 play.

Team pic forthcoming :)

bill abner said...

Oh yeah the screen--Ivan had just been -- um, whacked -- by that Ogre at midfield.