Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blood Bowl League Gearing Up

The First (not at all Annual) Nutweasel-Quarter to Three Blood Bowl Tournament is about underway.

This is a 28 team tourney with 2 divisions and 13 matches for each team. We currently have 21 teams signed in with the rest coming soon. Todd (finally) got his copy so I'll have to teach him the basics so when he loses he will have no one to blame but himself. The cool thing about the online league setup is that your team, when it's over, keeps its stats, its record, and its player progression. So if you want to play another tourney with that team you can just keep on plugging away.

I'll post some league results and pics and maybe post some game replay vids once we get started.

Here's our current team roster -- all newly made teams with no XP.

Mt. Bloodhorn Skullz - Orc
Mudville KickAxe - Orc
Fire Stompers - Orc
Da Jawbreaka’s - Orc
Lustria Heatlamps - Lizard
Zigguratic - Lizard
Roc Starz- Lizard
Swamp Gash - Lizard
Capri Pant Dandies - Human
Unlicensed Proctologists - Human
Brutish and Irate Liars - Human
Quakebells Crushers - Dwarf
McMaster's Malcontents - Dwarf
Dwarf SMASH! - Dwarf
Laff Riot - Goblin
Lowland Kamikazes - Goblin
Corporate Chaos - Chaos
Peppered Beef - Chaos
Eglantine Zephyrs - Wood Elf
Rules Lawyers - Wood Elf
Rusir's Rats - Skaven

I don't know if the game will allow me to break teams how I want into the 2 divisions (I hope so for time zone reasons). We'll see. opr those keeping score at home -- we have only one Skaven team -- which is really weird. Dem Rats can play!