Friday, June 19, 2009

DJ Hero will cost $120?


Brandon -- you still on board?


Brandon said...

Not without getting my hands on it first. It's not that different than Rock Band and RB2 though, they were close to 200 bucks, which meant 140 for three controllers, one of which was a microphone, so 60 bucks for a turntable controller isn't that bad.

Jayhawker said...

The Beck version is going to be pretty pricey for two turntables and a microphone.

Rob said...

No f*****n way. Sorry, but I just can't see that peripheral having the same visceral feel that a guitar and drum kit has. Besides, this doesn't really simulate what a DJ does. A DJ isn't pressing buttons in time with music. With RB and GH you are more closely getting a realistic experience. Guitar players have to fret in time to the music and drummers have to hit the drums in time. Granted, playing RB and GH are nothing compared to the real thing, but at least it is well suited for the experience it provides. I wasn't interested in DJ Hero to begin with so maybe I'm jaded, but at 120 you can really forget it.