Tuesday, June 9, 2009

E3 2009: A-Z

Well, it's ready (ish).

I haven't left my desk since Saturday, and there are most likely editing boo-boos.

But the 71 page Word Doc that was our E3 game report has been morphed into this.

As I say in the intro -- we didn't see every game, but damn it we saw a lot of them.

So, check out the GameShark A-Z E3 feature -- while I go sleep for the next 2 days.

The E3 coverage isn't over, as we'll be doing some editorial this week.


Brandon said...

For the record, my view was not inverted when playing L4D and as a result, I kept looking in the wrong direction. Plus, when I tried to change the setting it crashed the build, so all you people out there complaining about my skills best step the hell off.

William, come talk to me when you finish at least one campaign on Expert much less all 4.

Yeah, I went there.

bill abner said...

OMG you did NOT...

Dude that hurts.

The Juda said...

it's cool. Bill has a ringer on his side. Bring whatchu got Schnell.

Dan said...

Great guide.

Too bad the site is slow, can't you cut your salary and get a third hamster to run on a wheel to improve the speed. ;)

Jim Schmaltz said...

Man that is awesome stuff. Excellent job everyone. Really gives me the info I wanted.