Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Rock Band Goodies

Being the company man that I am I feel it my duty to let everyone know about the new RB gear from Mad Catz and that you can get free shipping for the next few weeks from the store. I mention it because I didn't know the stuff was so close to release.

See here.

The Mad Catz bass, which I own, is a must for bass players but the new wireless model comes in various colors (Sea Green!) and -- is wireless. Duh. At E3 we also saw the new stomp box, a foot pedal used to go into overdrive. Very cool stuff for the RB aficionado and I better get some free gear damn it. I need that wireless bass.

The biggie doesn't drop til this holiday season -- the $300 Fender replica guitar. No plastic. It's a REAL Fender with wood grain finish and it's freaking heavy. And's $300. Anyway, just a heads up.