Monday, June 29, 2009

The Madden 10 Q&A

Ian, Josh, and Donny chat about Madden 10. At length.



Jayhawker said...

Wasted Penguin said...

Excellent article Bill. Very informative. I'm pumped for this game. Can't wait to see if BQ is any good on the brownies!!!!

bill abner said...

Thanks guys.

Millennium said...

Bill -

As one of the guys who is normally turned off by your tendency to be a tad over critical of certain aspects of games, I will say that I came away very impressed with this interview as a whole. While you said that you didn't ask much, even with them "going off" the questions you did ask were timed well to allow them to flow into more and more information.

Easily one of the best Q & A's out there, and anyone that doesn't read it twice is missing out. Just awesome.