Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NCAA 09 -- Sliders Are Needed

And how.

I am in no position to say whether or not NCAA 09 is going to suck or end up being great but out of the box this game needs a lot of tweaks.

It's weird because I can see how this could be pretty good. The game flow and spacing when compared to CH2K8 is actually quite good. You see OPEN shots, which is what college hoops is all about and you rarely see that in CH2k8.

Problem is, there's a TON of pass interceptions, player ratings and rosters are terrible, and teams shoot 70% from the floor.

I created Dallas Lauderdale and made him the defensive stopper that he is. High blocks, high D ratings, etc.

Well the "center" for Delaware State just schooled me to the tune of 26 points and was hitting reverse under hand flips, 12 foot fade aways, baby hooks , you name it. Good luck stopping the AI on the block one on one.

Graphics and animation is very average. The animations are herky-jerky but the pace feels so good that I am willing to give it a fair shake by tweaking some settings. Too many shots go in plain and simple.