Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Nut and the Depressed Weasel

Michigan is no longer feisty. Ho Ho Ho. Unless you count the hoops team. Pretty feisty bunch, those guys. Todd, does that count?

We both hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Ashley is going crazy. We're driving down to see my parents today and then coming back this evening. Christmas at 8 years old -- golden.

Before I leave, I wanted to get one last Bah Humbug in.

Did anyone watch the TCU/Boise State game on ESpin? I swear ESPN is tearing down the house of sports one brick at a time. Did you see the inane forum posts scrolling across the top of the screen DURING THE GAME? It redefines annoying TV.

So Boise State throws a late INT that basically ends the game and I'm reading dumb ass comments by "RedSkin0001" that spout nuggets of wisdom such as, "This game is OVER!" and "That pass was the play of the game!" This went on...and on...and on...and you can't help BUT read them. I literally tried to force myself to ignore them. It was impossible.

Hardcore sports fans already carry the stereotype of being as dumb as a box of hair -- please stop reinforcing it. Seriously, who came up with that brilliant idea? They should be fired. Today.

Hopefully it was Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith.

Merry Christmas! :)