Sunday, December 21, 2008

Links and Scattered Thoughts on a Sunday

Today is the battle of Ohio -- Browns and Bengals. It would be hard for me to care any less.

Fitzgerald Vs. Dorsey -- Rockin.

A few links today for you to check out.

We posted a really, really long walkthrough for Resistance 2 so if you're playing this Ps3 exclusive and want to cheat-- here you go. It's long. Our hands on look at The Godfather II is also up. My review of NCAA Basketball 09 is set for Monday. (Hint: I gave it a C)

If you don't read Tom Chick's blog for the Sci-Fi Channel, you should. His latest entries on the massive Civ 4 mod Fall from Heaven make me want to reinstall Civ 4 and give it a spin. This mod is epic and I guess based off some dude's D&D campaign. Yeah...

Anyway check out entry 1 here.

Troy Goodfellow's eulogy to Ensemble Studios is also required reading. Troy writes for Crispy Gamer and also hacks around for me at GameShark. That GameShark gig wrecks his rep, so I hear.

Here's Part 1 of the feature
And Part 2
And Part 3

If you have a kid and have not played/bought Monster Lab for the Wii...seriously, what's wrong with you?

Played two games of Pandemic at my in laws Christmas gathering last night. 4 player games on Heroic difficulty, and in both games we allowed the diseases to destroy mankind. Yep. If you need a savior -- do not call on me, Mary, and my two nephews. If you do, you are all sooo dead.

I really hope Rock Band releases more Presidents of the United States tracks. I want to sing about Peaches. And Dune Buggies. And Boll Weevils. Naked and Famous!

Are you an old PC gamer who wishes you could play classic games of your youth? Hmm? Well, I'm doing a feature/interview on and you should give this site a visit pronto. Fallout 1 and 2 -- totally Windows XP/Vista compatible with no DRM security crap? SOLD. They have Castles II! CASTLES II!!

The GameShark GOTY Awards should be ready soon. I just need to write all the stuff. I polled the staff and got their top 5 games for each platform. The GShark awards are categorized by system and then we have an overall top 5 of the year. Pretty simple. We don't do "best action game" or "best sports game", etc. Every genre doesn't deserve an award just because it' s a genre. At least that's how my world works.

I won't spoil the absolute staggering-ness of the GameShark awards but the games in the running for overall GOTY appear to be Rock Band 2, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, GTA4, Saints Row II, Prince of Persia, Far Cry 2, and Fable II. Dead Space was nominated a few times but it is times like these when it's good to be the king. Dead Space wins nothing! Nothing I say! No Soup!

Pretty good list, I think.

Finally I have some free download codes for Grey Dog's college football text sim, Bowl Bound. Maybe we'll do a contest with the BCS games.